Electric Fields


   Electric Fields or E-Fields are one of the more fascinating areas of paranormal research today. What are electric fields and why are they important to the paranormal world? To understand that, you must first understand that the most basic building blocks of everything that exists are atoms. Without boring you with atomic theory, lets just accept that everything is made up of atoms and all atoms are electromagnetic. So it stands to reason that electromagnetism is found in everything that exists in various strengths. The Earth has a huge electromagnetic field around it and the human body has a very weak electromagnetic field.


   EMFs or Electro-Magnetic Fields came to the forefront of paranormal research when researchers discovered that one of the more common characteristics of paranormal activity was fluctuations in the normal EMFs of the active area. The human body was actually one of the first EMF detectors. Because electromagnetic fields react with one another, when an anomalous EMF occurs in the proximity of a human, the body can react in various ways, depending on the person's sensitivity. The hairs on your arm standing up or "goose bumps" is a common reaction to anomalous EMFs. Since it is popular belief that paranormal entities are some form of energy, it has been theorized that they can cause disturbances in EMFs and, as a result, EMF detectors were sought after by paranormal researchers.


   Most EMF detectors on the market today were designed for electrical contractors and industrial markets but ghost hunters found that particular models were well suited for detecting EMF anomalies. Units such as the KII Meter, Gauss Meter, Ghost Meter, Mel Meter, and Tri-Field Meter have become popular and are regularly featured in the plethora of ghost hunting shows found on TV. The unfortunate truth is that these detectors are deficient in their abilities to be useful in paranormal research in that they don't detect all components of electromagnetic fields. With the exception of tri-field meters, none of the other EMF detectors detect electric waves. They only detect magnetic and radio waves. So this is where electric waves become of interest.


   E-Fields permeate the space around all electrically charged objects and interact with other E-Fields they come in contact with. This is not the same thing as static electricity which is an imbalance of electric charges on the surface of an object. Static electricity is found almost everywhere and is not generally associated with paranormal phenomena. E-Fields, are quite rare in nature and are not generally found away from live electrical wires, except near lightning. What some people refer to as the "Aura" in humans is actually their E-Field. It is electrically charged and generally cannot be detected by a normal EMF detector, because the magnetism is too low to register, although the body's EMF level can be made detectable through physical exertion, but more on that later. So this is where E-Field detectors are now a new tool of interest to paranormal researchers. Generally speaking, the density of electric fields weakens dramatically the farther away they travel from their source, however radio waves do not. This is why it's possible to get a "hit" on your KII meter from a cell phone signal across the room, but not from a lamp. So it stands to reason, if you get a "hit" on your E-Field detector in the middle of the room, it was probably caused by something creating an E-Field very near or coming into contact with the detector.


   C.P.T. has been testing and using the E.Probe E-Field detectors with interesting results. The early findings show that when we get a E-Field "hit", it is usually not accompanied by a EMF "hit". Also when attached to a flashlight trigger object we get mixed results. Sometimes the flashlight turns on and not the E-probe and visa-versa and less frequently both turn on. Interestingly the EMF detectors almost never turn on when there is flashlight "activity". We have done extensive research on the flashlight phenomenon which is published the Flashlight Study page.


   So to sum up, research into free-roaming E-Fields is, at least to us, of high importance in paranormal studies.  We've chased stray radio waves long enough. Now it's time to look outside the box at other things that could be a detectable part of that which some call ghosts.